We are pleased to be able to jump-start your baby's lime life with a registry. You'll be able to share your registry with family and friends as a way for them to know what gifts are truly important to you. 

It's pretty easy to start a registry, but here's a step-by-step guide.

1) You must be a registered B. Lime user. Click here.
2) Start your registry here.
3) You'll be able to choose "public" or "private" as a way to control who sees your registry.
4) Directly email friends and family by adding their email addresses by clicking the '+' button.
5) Click 'Add New' when you're done
Now comes the fun part!
6) Shop. Search and add items to your registry.

If you have questions, email me - - or call 217.359.5741

Ready to get started? Click here.