B. Lime Rewards

Shop, Earn, Save! - Earn reward points with every purchase you make!
For every $1 you spend with B. Lime, you'll earn 1 reward point. The more points you earn, the better the discounts you'll receive! 



You'll see the amount of points each item is worth as you shop in the store (left)
Then, you'll see how many points you're earning with your order when you view your cart (right)


When you have earned 100 points or more, enter one of the discount coupon codes in the box at checkout and receive your reward!
100 points = $5 off; use code APPLY100
250 points = $15 off; use code APPLY250
500 points = $35 off; use code APPLY500

Your points will be accrued automatically with each complete order. 
IMPORTANT: Make sure you are logged in when making your purchases.


When I enter APPLY100, it says "There is no such discount code"

That really means "code does not apply."
Try this: Are you logged in to your account? 
Also: You must have already earned the 100 points. If you are currently earning the points (this purchase puts you over 100), the reward will be available on your next purchase.