Wooly B's Wool Dryer Ball- Set of 3




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Our Wool Dryer Balls are hand made from sheep raised locally.

Use wool dryer balls in place of dryer sheets to fluff your laundry and reduce drying time (thus cutting down on energy use). You may also choose to add a drop of your favorite essential oil for fragrance. The life of a wool dryer ball is approximately 6-12 months, when you notice unusual amounts of static or when the balls start to unravel. When they are no longer suitable for laundry, cut them up and incorporate the pieces in your planter to help retain moisture and add nitrogen! Or, great for cat toys!  Hand made from locally raised sheep!

We consider them a must for drying cloth diapers, inserts, and prefolds!

They come in several colors that don’t come off on other fabrics. If you'd prefer certain colors, just mention that in your order. Typical colors available: lime green, purple, charcoal, blue.

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These are great! They really help get diapers to dry more quickly and work well with clothing and towels too.