Planet Wise Wipe Pouch



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The Planet Wise Wipe Pouch™ features our patent pending no-leak design so your wipes will stay moist and not wick into your diaper bag.

    Unique snap down design eliminates wicking from the zipper area
    Most standard size wipes will fit into our Wipe Pouch™ perfectly!
    Made of the same high quality fabrics as our Wet Bags, this pouch will last and last
    After you are done with the baby years, keep this pouch to use for just about anything you need to transport: make-up, toiletries, anything!
    Wipe pouches are anti-microbial too!
    Dimensions: 5.5"x9.5"

The Planet Wise Wipe Pouch™ makes a great gift item and is a perfect compliment to any diaper bag. Match your Wet Bag and Wet/Dry Bags to create a coordinated set.

Wipes sold separately.

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