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Soaps that are handmade locally right here in Piatt County! These cold process soaps have not been dyed and are scented with only essential oils to keep them natural. (Essential oils - volatile oils extracted from plants - are different from fragrance oils which are synthetic aroma compounds.)

To provide extra moisture for your skin, the soaps have been superfatted (the term for additional oil which is added before pouring the soap into molds), and retain all the glycerine produced during the soap-making process.

These soaps are made with select ingredients which each contribute properties to produce quality handmade soap bars.

Coconut Oil - contributes lather forming qualities
Palm Oil - adds hardness, lather stability, and shelf life to the bar
Olive Oil - provides moisturizing properties and shelf life
Castor Oil - boosts the lather and moisturizing ability
Lye - acts as the base which reacts with the oils to produce soap
Water - is a necessary ingredient in the saponification process
Essential Oils - make the soaps smell good!

Large size is approximately 4 oz. Guest size is approximately 2 oz.

B. Lime: This soap is scented with lime and lavender essential oils for a nice earthy smell developed especially for B. Lime.
Honey Oat: The color and light scent of this soap come from honey and ground oats. Throughout this soap there are light specks from the oats giving it added character.
Citrus Soap: A mild scented soap with orange and grapefruit essential oils.
Lavender Soap: Lavender essential oil produces this traditional flower scented soap bar.
Lemongrass Soap: A clean lemony soap scented with lemongrass essential oil!
Spicy Licorice Soap: One of our stronger fragranced soaps scented by bay rum and anise star essential oils.

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