Cloth Diapering

Cloth Diapering 101 - a list of what you'll need and what you should keep in mind when cloth diapering. Certainly contact me to schedule a free, personal cloth diaper lesson!

Which diaper is right for me?

All-In-Ones (AIOs) & Pockets {examples: Easy Fit, FuzziBunz, Rumparooz, BabyKicks, GroVia AIO}
Led the charge in modern cloth diapering. They have a waterproof cover sewn in. With pockets, you will stuff the pocket with an insert. They are very convenient and stylish too.

All-In-Twos (AI2s) or Hybrids {examples: Best Bottom AI2, Grovia AI2/hybrid system, Bummis Duo-Brite}
Economical, convenient, and stylish. Similar to prefolds, you reuse the cover, but instead of folding a prefold, you snap in the insert. Hybrids offer a disposable insert with a reusable cover.

Fitteds with Cover {examples: Tots Bots Bamboozle, GroVia Kiwi Pie}
These are similar concept to prefolds, but the most expensive way to cloth diaper. They are very absorbent and work great for overnights.

Pre-fold with Cover {example: Bummis cover with prefold}
Prefold diapers and "flats" are the originals cloth diapers and the most economical. You can usually reuse the covers throughout the day if they are not soiled or overly wet.

A comfortable stash for a cloth diaper user is 24-30 diapers.
Shop around, and if you have a question, email me!

Tots Bots Easy Fit V4 - Festive Fling


Hey Diddle Diddle
Tots Bots NEW Easyfit V4


Tots Bots Easyfit V4 Royal Wave


Tots Bots Easyfit V4 NEW Elemental Prints


Tots Bots Easyfit V4 Wimblebum


Easy Fit Diaper by Tots Bots V3


GroVia® All-In-One Diaper


GroVia® O.N.E. Diaper


Flip Cloth Diaper Cover


bumGenius 4.0 Pocket Diaper

$17.95   $14.95

bumGenius Freetime All-in-One One-Size Clo...


bumGenius Elemental All-In-One One-Size Or...


bumGenius Original 5.0 Pocket Diaper


Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper SNAP - Prints


Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper SNAP - Solids


Rumparooz G2 SNAP Limited Edition Perky Pe...


Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper APLIX


GroVia® Hybrid Diaper Shell Snap Solids


GroVia® Hybrid Diaper Shell Snap Closure P...


TushMate Globe Diaper- Snap


GroVia® Hybrid Diaper Shell Snap Special E...


Best Bottoms Diaper Cover (Snap)


Best Bottom Diaper Limited Edition Print -...


Bummis Duo-Brite AI2 Deluxe Pack


Bummis Duo-Brite Wrap


Bummis Simply Lite Diaper Cover


Bummis Simply Lite Diaper Cover Limited Ed...


Bummis Whisper Wrap Diaper Cover

$12.95   $7.95

Hook & Loop
GroVia® Kiwi Pie Pull On Wool Cover


Newborn Diaper Rental Program B (Pre-Loved)